Live Rock Band Pearl Jam "Project" Coming Next Year

Pearl Jam fans are being asked to curate the live performances of the Seattle-based band's best, a cross-promotional project that will result in a forthcoming Rock Band release.

The currently untitled Rock Band project—which combines the efforts of Pearl Jam's Ten Club, MTV Games, Harmonix and music subscription service Rhapsody—will feature the best concert performances of Pearl Jam's biggest hits. Fans of the band will "vote" on the best live versions of each song by listening to the track of their choosing. That may result in the default loaded track being more heavily weighted, mind you, so if you're serious about your Pearl Jam live performances, act accordingly.

While MTV Games and Pearl Jam haven't spilled much in the way of details on the game, we'd expect the "project" to follow in the footsteps of the already released AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack. Don't go pinning your hopes on a Rock Band: Pearl Jam release on par with The Beatles: Rock Band, even as appealing as a unique flannel controller might be.


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