Logitech's $200 Guitar Hero Controller Is Not Kidding Around

People can be critical of Guitar Hero and Rock Band's plastic guitars. That they're small, cheap, plastic. None of those accusations can be levelled against Logitech's wireless guitar for the PS2 and PS3.

It's got a wooden neck, metal frets and, luxuriously, a rosewood fingerboard. The strum bar and fret buttons are, apparently, silent. It'll give you "hundreds of hours of battery life" and is, yes, $200.

Consider this the "budget" option for those of you who couldn't afford the $US250 version from last year.

Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller For PS3/PS2 Hands On [Gizmodo]


    Im Gonna get one, it cost alot but if its better its worth it, if you want to enjoy the game fully you can spend the extra $300 (AUS) and enjoy it fully

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