Madden NFL 10 Introduces Online Co-op

EA Tiburon has big plans for this year's installment of Madden, kicking things off with the announcement of online co-operative play - a first in franchise history.

For the first time, two players will be able to take their game online together with online co-op play in Madden NFL 10. Team up online with your friends, taking on different defensive and offensive positions, experiencing the game through all-new position specific camera angles.

Not only does this sound like an amazing new way to play Madden with your online football buddies, senior producer Phil Frazier makes an excellent point in the developer diary video below. Some of us are scared to go online with the game. Hell, I feel like an idiot when I try to lay against people who know the ins and outs of the series. Being able to team with someone who knows what they are doing is a great way to ease new players into one of the most competitive online communities in existence.

And online co-op is just the beginning, with the official announcement teasing us about more new online features being announced during Monday's E3 press conference. We'll be there, so technically so will you.


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