Maybe One Day Everyone's Spore Creatures Will Look This Good

Maxis senior art director Ocean Quigley has shown us the future. A future where Spore creations are not bulbous, simple game characters, but realistic-looking creatures.

Using Maxis' "in-house exporter", which is able to export all the "skinned, rigged meshes along with all of the textures (normal maps, specular, diffuse, gloss, etc)" of a Spore creature, toy designer Hellopike whipped up these renders of a "Cthulhoid".

They're just renders. Not pics of a real toy. But wouldn't it be great if, some day, your little bundles of alien joy could look - whether in-game or just as a figure - this damn pretty?

UPDATE: Broken image removed.

Cthulhoid Spore Creature Render A Go Go [GameSetWatch]


    Your large picture breaks the website on Google Chrome.

    Didn't your new website designers cross-check across the popular browsers?

    And what happened to being able to reply to a single persons comment.

    Its very annoying having to scroll through all the comments to understand a response.


      Fixed the pic.

      We can't thread the US comments, but all AU comments are threaded to make conversation easy to follow.


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