Meet The Makers Of Scarygirl

If you're in Melbourne tomorrow night, you can meet the developers of the excellent Scarygirl game.

Scarygirl is a side-scrolling adventure based on the comic creation of Nathan Jurevicius. Melbourne based studio Touch My Pixel turned Nathan's design into a rather wonderful flash game that launched earlier this year. Tarwin Stroh-Spijer and Tony Polinelli from Touch My Pixel will be speaking about the game and the development process at the Dissecta conference at the State Library of Victoria, Tuesday May 12, from 6.30pm.

It's free, but you have to book ahead.

Behind the scenes with the makers of Scarygirl the game [Dissecta, thanks Daniel P]


    Touch My Pixel are pretty amazing. Can't get enough of their flash games!

    Sometimes I wish I could up and leave my comfortable little corner here in Adelaide for the Eastern states -- just for these little opportunities.

    I hear that Daniel, Dylan is a sad panda. The solution is simple, make our own games so they wished they could come here!

    Thanks Clocks. Now we gotta just make something new :)

    The talk went well - we think. Not too many people fell asleep during it and nothing caught on fire!

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