Meet The Spy's New Hand Cannon

Say hello to the Ambassador, the newest addition to the Team Fortress 2 Spy class' arsenal. What's unique about this new, unlockable pistol? It's big.

The Spy's third and final addition to his bag of tricks "has the ammo count of a revolver and the pinpoint accuracy of a sniper rifle, even at long range" making the class with an eye for infiltration a little more useful at long distances. While seemingly more powerful than the Spy's pearl-handled standard issue revolver, expect a slower rate of fire, as today's Team Fortress 2 Spy update indicates a required cool-down period between shots.

It's bulky design comes with a bit of beauty and helps explain what yesterday's "Diplomacy" Steam Achievement is all about.

Just one more day's worth of updates before the combined Spy and Sniper changes roll out. Will the Aussie rifleman have his revenge tomorrow?

Spy Update - Day 5 [Team Fortress]


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