Microsoft's Full Body Motion Controller Revealed?

Microsoft says that it will "completely transform how people think about home entertainment" at this year's E3. A newly rumoured motion controller that detects "fully body" movement may be what the company has planned.

According to a report from Engadget, citing an anonymous tipster claiming to have knowledge of Microsoft's Xbox 360 plans, says that a new Wii-like sensor bar for the console can offer motion control minus the actual controller. Players will "kick, punch, duck, dive, jump and so forth with [their]body" and even be able to perform more precise controls like hand gestures for "pinching, grabbing and scrolling."

According to Engadget's source, the introduction of the controller will also introduce video conferencing, smart detection, and will be used in online trivia games, with players clapping to "buzz in." Could they be referring to Microsoft's free online video game version of the 1 Vs. 100 game show? Could that be why the game was delayed until this year?

Microsoft's been heavily rumoured to be exploring the use of motion control, but appeared to be pursuing more traditional efforts based on previous reports.

While Engadget's grainy image is obviously suspicious in nature, we've heard from other sources that the information is legit.

When contacted for comment, Microsoft reps said "We do not comment on rumours and speculation."

Xbox 360 to get motion-sensing add-on with full body game control? [Engadget]


    This is basically the whole point of gaming. All gamers have just been killing time until someone invented a "Full Body Movement FIGHTING GAME"

    Thats why the Wii sold so many. It was the closest we have come since....forever.

    Either that or the Hologram gaming (fighting ofcourse) that you see in all the movies.

    Well now we can wii without the Wii, lets just hope people don't wii themselves.

    A full body fighting game?... Interesting concept but stupid idea to implement. Do you want to physically punch every time you want your character to punch? Are you that fit?

    The ppl who played Zelda on the Wii got sick of having to waggle the stick with each swing of Link's sword. Now imagine having to swing your ENTIRE ARM for each sword swing!

    This is really just Microsoft's idea to compete with the niche that the Wii fills so they can get a slice of the action (no pun intended) as they have everywhere else.

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