Modern Combat 2: Trailer The Second

We've been seeing a lot of very short glimpsesof Modern Warfare 2 lately, but tonight's trailer, broadcast during the NBA playoffs, is a full two minutes.


    Oh my....*pulls jaw back up*

    These put the screenshots to shame a little. Hope it looks, visually, even better. But.. WOW!

    I hope they aren't turning this into one of those Hollywood sequel movies where it's explosion after explosion & no time to actually kill someone with a freaking GUN!

    Disappointed though, that the campaign ain't gonna be as long... you think developers would learn by now with their short campaign stories.

    to me, it takes the whole 'Modern Warfare' concept away. It looks made up, atleast the other game had a real story behind the fake (desert etc.) BUT we'll just have to wait and see. Can't judge a book by it's cover!


    I liked the length of CoD4, despite the abrupt ending. Really could have ended at shutting down the rocket imo, but the ending was pretty mindblowing.
    I got into it lol.

    Whats is with the feminine male voice?

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