Mother 3 Handbook Is Sheer Indulgence

Remember that Mother 3 handbook we told you about? My copy just arrived in the mail. And I'm lost for words.

Presented as, basically, a strategy guide for the cult Nintendo title (which has never been released in the West), were this from Prima or BradyGames you'd be shocked by the quality and attention to detail. But the fact this is a labour of love, the product of a bunch of super-dedicated fans of the series and, well, it's just simply astonishing.

The book is lavishly detailed with maps, item checklists and tips, along with illustrations of each character/enemy and even shots of some luscious, hand-made Mother 3 statues.

Because it's a strategy guide, I've avoided taking shots of anything too detailed from inside the book, but for a quick taste of what the finished product is like, check out the gallery below.

Like what you see? The Mother 3 Handbook is selling for $US20, and is available from Fangamer. Don't know what the hell I'm talking about and have never heard of Mother 3? This should help.


    This book is quite fabulous and I made sure to reply to my email after receiving it to let them know how wonderful I thought it was. I like the fact that you got the Cactus Wolf card, mine was a Starman from Mother 2.

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