New Diablo III Screens, Artwork Introduce 'The Fallen Ones'

The latest batch of nasty, devilish things to join the Diablo III bestiary are the "Fallen Ones," a quintet of horned demons that feature some returning foes, with nary a hint of rainbow amongst them.

Diablo II fans may recognise some of these terrors, including the rank and file Imp and Shaman, but the Hound, Lunatic and Overseer look to expand on the Fallen Ones species of demonic horde. Blizzard lays out the five additions to the ever expanding list of Diablo III enemies that you'll someday click click click into oblivion.

Check out new screen shots and artwork of the Fallen Ones in the gallery after this.

Diablo III - The Fallen Ones [Blizzard]


    Want this game so very much....

    Damn I can't wait for this game.

    If I had more evidence to suggest that they were doing a worse job of making it a fun game than the original Diablo team would have, I might write this Haiku:

    Big hype, we made wow
    We're ruining diablo
    It makes us money

    But I don't, so I won't. Hope it's good.

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