New Modern Warfare 2 Screens

Along with that snazzy new trailer, Infinity Ward also released some new screenshots for Modern Warfare 2. Sadly, only one of them features a skidoo.


    not too impressive considering what else is out there. very 2007.

    So what do we have here?

    1st pic: Sleeper cells in the USA. - Middle Easterners

    2nd Pic: Exremists in Brasil - South Americans

    3rd pic Military coup in Russia - ...Russians

    I think there is room in there for North Koreans/Chinese. Maybe we'll have to wait for COD4MW3 to round out the fear mongering.

    I can tell, everyone is going to pick on this game so much. It has very HIGH expectations, i'm giving it high expectations also - but not as much as others are going to.

    I agree, these screenshots aren't the greatest. Pretty much Modern Warfare v.3 (i say v.3 because of World at War -which is great)

    But either way this game is going to rock. Let's just hope as they further polish the game, a hopefully upgraded or heavily tweaked game engine of the last MW - makes it look better and more 2009.

    no one is interested in the story? :0

    Modern Warfare v.3 is fine with me :) I don't really mind if theres no great improvements, I just want more story. World at War was predictably mediocre, nothing will fill the void like this game no doubt will. I absolutely LOVED the Single Player campaign in COD4, cannot wait for more of it.

    Not looking forward to the skidoo bit however. Being a bit hairy shooter nerd I find these shoehorned vehicle sections rather annoying, when you're grinding through on the hardest difficulty its annoying to be losing because you can't drive when its not a driving game :(

    The Second pic is in Lebanon i think. But only because of the statue in the distance. WHich is in lebanon.
    Correct me if im wrong

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