New Movie Shows A Grisly Future For MMOs

Sure, MMOs today are, outside of a few broken marriages, relatively harmless. But in the future depicted in upcoming movie "Game", they're a little more hazardous.

The movie, which will be out in September, stars Gerard Butler and... Ludacris, and tells of a future in which MMOs have merged with mind control. The story will centre on one game in particular, Slayers, which is a "savage, ultraviolent" first-person shooter.

Butler plays the game's champion, actual combatant, who is being forced to kill on a weekly basis by the game's owner and the boy making a living off "controlling" him. He has to escape, find his family, get revenge, blah blah blah. You get the idea.

While a trailer is yet to be officially released by the studio, an Italian cut was leaked a few months back, which you can check out below.


    what is this......'death race'

    this looks like a big sack of lame.
    with a turd on top

    Wait... isn't this jsut matrix with a giant gamer label smacked on it?

    Death Race meets The Running Man. Sign me up. Looks awesome

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