New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Expansion Confirmed

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developers GSC Game World have officially announced that they're working on "Call of Pripyat", the 2007 open-world shooter's second standalone expansion.

Due for release on PC this fall/autumn, CoP is set directly after the events of the last expansion, Clear Sky, and tells the story of an attempted military takeover of the region.

New features include a new storyline, new characters, new monsters, more sidequests, a new player interface and, best of all, a new feature allowing you to keep playing the game even once the main storyline is complete, RPG-style.


    So... have they fixed the first expansion pack? I haven't bought it yet because everyone said it was even buggier than the main game...

      @Mr Waffle

      They've patched the hell out of Clear Sky. It's a much better game now than it was at release.

        Thanks for that, I'll have to give it a spin. I absolutely adored STALKER, but didn't want to walk into another bug-fest...

    Hopefully they don't screw the saved games up this time around... They did it with stalker, they did it with clear sky... I pretty much threw clear sky away after patching for the third or fourth time and not being able to resume my saved game each time.

    Ollie nearly all games mess up the saves with patching, you should know that. Also Mr Waffle clear sky is well worth checking out if you liked the original id say it's just a little worse then oblivion lost

    basically all games have patches but stalker is the only one i know that is not compatible with saved games...

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