New Tony Hawk Game "With A Twist" Revealed This Week

The newest skateboarding game to bear the Tony Hawk name will be revealed to the public on GameTrailers TV this week. In Mr. Hawk's own words, "It's a whole new deal."

After Tony Hawk's Proving Ground proved to be a bit of a miss with critics, Activision and crew took a year off from the franchise. The newest, still-unannounced entry will come with a bit of a twist, to borrow a description from Geoff Keighley, as players are "not going to be playing Tony Hawk [with]a controller in your hands."

As intimidating as that might sound, Tony Hawk himself has said that the next entry is "as close to real skating as you'll ever come." In fact, he guarantees it!

According to marketing leaks from last year's Intellisponse fiasco, the newest Tony Hawk game will employ the use of a "custom board controller/peripheral," one that we'll presumably control with either our feet or... our minds!! Whether Activision has decided to stick with one of the game's working titles—Tony Hawk's Amplitude, Tony Hawk's Adrenaline and Tony Hawk's Huck Jam—we'll all find out this Thursday night.


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