New Tony Hawk Peripheral "Responds Like A Real Skateboard"

Whether you think the new Tony Hawk skateboard controller is a disaster-in-waiting or a stroke of mould-injected genius, you'll want to know how it works. And Tony Hawk himself has offered some clues.

"The board controller is a marvel of new technology", he says in full-blown PR mode, before continuing. "[It]responds like a real skateboard, you can even go for grabs and the sensors will detect it".

Interesting. So in addition from the obvious fact the thing is itself motion-sensitive, it can detect your hands grabbing the sides as well via "sensors"? How much is this thing going to cost, exactly?

Tony Hawk @ Twitter [via VG247]


    Right, three problems with this thing.

    Scale: small children have a hard enough time with guitar hero peripherals I cant see them being big enough to be able to use a controller designed to mimic a real skateboard.

    Experience: strumming the guitar lever, hitting the sensor pads with drumsticks, singing into a microphone. Those are all pretty realistic experiences. Simplified, but real enough. Leaning left and right might be fun but anything after that ie. Tricks and grabs doesn’t seem like it can translate to a static plastic controller.

    Finally on the topic of “grabs”: if there are in fact sensors on the board so you can grab parts of the base, wont that kind of suck? Bending over to grab the board and taking your eyes away from the screen, and the action.

    Personally I think the next step for skate games is something like GTAIV multi. BIG city with multiple players populating the space. Kind of like a skateMMO.

    I liked the drums with rock band/guitar hero especially the double bass pedal expert +. I enjoy pretending to be good at guitar. The microphone needs to be destroyed because i don't know any singers (probably too busy singing in a real band) and everyone else who tries sucks terribly. I skateboard and the only good thing that can come of this is that little kids play this and want to get a real skateboard (and buy my ramps) :) but besides that, EPIC FAILURE!!!!! I was going to purchase stock in activision for about 5 minutes until i see where they think "the future of gaming will be" toys r us crap that requires the users to send in the broken first production line and bitch for years to get a replacement losing all profits because they wanted to save some money on some stupid piece. i had to return my guitar hero drums a week after i bought them.and my fail from these plastic instruments and its goodbye forever.

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