New WoW, Gears Of War Figures For Your Adult Bookshelf

Fans of either Gears of War or World of Warcraft (or both!) will be happy to know there's now more things to spend their disposable income on, with the release of some new figures.

The latest additions to NECA's line of Gears of War line feature a Lambent soldier (which is a San Diego Comic Con exclusive), along with two new figures depicting Marcus & Dom in their Theron disguises, a premise pulled from the upcoming All Fronts singleplayer expansion.

For World of Warcraft addicts, meanwhile, there are two new figures: the Gnome Warlock Valdremar and the Orc Warchief Thrall. These won't be out until January 2010, so there's plenty of time to scrape some cash together from what's left of your paycheck after WoW subscription day rolls around.


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