New Xbox 360 Elite Bundle For Australia

New Xbox 360 Elite Bundle For Australia

Australia may not be getting that Xbox 360 Elite bundle containing GTA IV, but from May 28 we’ll be getting one featuring Fable II and Halo 3.

The Elite, as you know, is the black one with the 120GB hard drive. It normally retails for $549. Now you get two pretty good games thrown in for the same price.

With such bundles appearing all around the world now, we’re probably seeing Microsoft trying to clear its excess Elite stock. Whether that’s in readiness for a new high-end SKU or because the Arcade has sold so well since the last price drop, I’ll leave for you to speculate.

Here’s the full PR:

Choose your destiny and finish the fight with the Xbox 360 “Game of the Year” Bundle

For a limited time, get “Fable II” and “Halo 3” with the Xbox 360 Elite

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA – MAY 18, 2009 – From the 28th of May, Australian customers will be able to purchase an Xbox 360® Elite bundled with two highly-acclaimed Xbox 360 exclusive games; “Halo 3,” the thrilling conclusion of Master Chief’s epic fight against the Covenant and “Fable II,” the masterful role-playing sequel with a multitude of choices and consequences.

Bundled with an Xbox 360 Elite console, these two Games of the Year* award winners make this offer the definitive choice for anyone who wants a complete gaming and entertainment experience. The Xbox 360 “Game of the Year” bundle will be available while stocks last at participating stores and will come at no additional cost to the original recommended retail price of AU$549**.

In addition to providing two of Xbox 360’s biggest blockbuster titles, the Xbox 360 “Game of the Year” bundle provides an incredible value with 120 GB of storage, a wireless controller, a headset and a HDMI cable.

With the broadest selection of exclusive blockbuster games, now is the best time to own an Xbox 360.


      • @Blah2

        I haven’t got any stats to back this up, but I’d assume the incidence of RRoD has been reduced – but obviously not eliminated – with the new board. The E74 error code you mention is also covered by the same three-year warranty as the “three red lights” failure.

        Anyone buying a 360 today should check the small print to see if the power supply is outputting 150W. Any higher than that and you’re looking at an older model.

  • Well considering my Video component stuffed up last year & i got the Ring of Death just a few weeks back, i was planning on getting either an Elite or 60GB Pro.

    Was gonna wait for a better bundle than Kung fu Panda & Indiana Jones – until this.

    And the fact that the laser that read discs isn’t working, gives me an excuse to go buy one of these next week! I’m losing hope on the 360.

    David.. what type of new SKU do you think may be coming soon IF one does. OR what new SKU would you like to see. Are they actually discontinuing the Elite?

    • @Jay

      I’ve no inside info on a new 360 SKU. And I can’t really see what else they could do on a new high-end model. Blu-ray? Haha. An even bigger hard drive? No one needs that. Built-in wi-fi? That’d be nice.

      To be honest, I suspect Microsoft’s focus moving forward is surely going to be on the lower end of the scale, repackaging the Arcade to appeal to more price sensitive consumers.

      • Perhaps they should do that – but also make all systems with disc trays like the PS3. Built in Wi-Fi (but i doubt that with their Network Adapter floating around at a hefty price).

        They would be two GREAT & Welcomed features that would surely send Xbox 360’s off the shelves. I don’t see Blu-Ray in the near feature, mainly because it has only been a year or so since Blu-Ray “won the war” yet still isn’t selling crash hot. But IF they do release one – BluRay, new Disc Tray, Wi-Fi – it would have the be an Elite model and developers would have the option to develop a Blu-Ray version of their game & of corse the normal HD DVD for other owners. There is no way a Blu-Ray model would come the Xbox without raising the price and then contradicting the latest marketing Microsoft has been doing which is, the 360 is the cheapest console on the market.

  • Unless it was most broken game of the year I don’t know. Fitting that the console most likely to fail is bundled with a game likely to glitch or even corrupt itself.

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