Night Elf Druid Bears Shall Look Like This

Blizzard continues its slow reveal of the upcoming druid animal form changes for World of Warcraft, showing off what the fashionable Night Elf druid bears will be wearing next season.

Like the new Tauren druid bear forms, the new Night Elf models are very reminiscent of the old, but they definitely aren't exactly the same. They've cleaned up the models quite a bit actually, with sleeker claws, smaller ears, sharper teeth, and various accoutrements not found on normal, run-of-the-mill bears.

In fact, I'd say those Night Elf druid bears are some bad mother... shut your mouth!

Oh that's right, you can't. Poor druids.


    That's it? Going on five years of a promised upgrade and Druids get 5 re-textures for each form and a clean up job?

    That's real poor Blizzard.

      They are actually remodeled. There's a lot more polys and some changes, like the necklace, the shoulders, the extra claw on their paw.

      Blizzard just wanted to make them still look like the original bear, because some people are rather attached to how they looked before.

    Woot! I'm going to be the black one!

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