Nintendo Forces Swedish Dental Surgery To Change Name

Not a headline you'd expect to read first thing on a Monday, granted, but it's true: Nintendo's lawyers have made a small dental surgery in Malmö, Sweden, change its name.


The surgery is called "Wii Smile". And while one of the two partners running the joint, Christer Wihlborg, says the name came about because his surname starts with "Wi" and there are two owners, the fact is Nintendo registered their trademark over the name "Wii" in 2006, a full year before "Wii Smile" opened its doors.

Interestingly, Nintendo claim that they're taking the action not only because of the trademark and the similarities between the names, but because they claim the original 2006 trademark included not only home video game consoles, but dentistry as well.

Dentistry? We knew Nintendo's lawyers were bloodthirsty. We didn't know they were that thorough.

Nintendo ger sig på tandklinik i Malmö [Sydsvenskan]


    Fair enough, it's Nintendo's trademark. Why not call the surgery "We Smile"?


    I'm gonna guess he's referring to 'fags'??? BlitzGrillo called ninty fags, someones asked if it was a homosexual company, and finally deadstar replied "no, they just smoke a lot'.

    It's a homonym (get it??? HOMOnym :) yeh, sorry...)

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