Nintendo The Most Reputable Game Company Of Them All

Catering to a broader demographic pays off for Nintendo, ranked number six in the Reputation Institute's 2009 list of the world's most reputable companies. Where do Microsoft and Sony fall?

The Reputation Institute releases an annual report which looks at how the public rates 1,000 companies in over 20 industry categories and more than 25 countries. The report looks at many aspects of company reputation, from performance and products to innovation and citizenship in determining the reputation of any given company. While companies like Ferrero, Ikea, and Johnson & Johnson top off the list, Nintendo makes a strong showing in their first year of polling, coming in at number 6, just above Christian Dior.

So how did the other console manufacturers do?

Microsoft takes up the number 30 spot on the list, up 7.53 points worth of Pulse score, which the Reputation Institute uses to measure reputation. Meanwhile Sony takes up the rear as number 126, down 5.78 points from the previous year.

Of course the factor to keep in mind here is that Nintendo's primary focus is games, while Microsoft and Sony are being judged from several different angles. Still an impressive showing from Nintendo, really highlighting the effectiveness of their campaign to woo non-traditional gamers. Adding the fact that they're the only completely gaming-centric company within the top 200 only makes the listing that much more profound.

World's Most Reputable Companies: The Rankings [Forbes via VG247]


    After the way they've been treating Australia over the last decade, they can seriously go FUCK themselves. Reputable...PAH!

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