NIS Reveals The Last Rebellion For PlayStation 3

HitMaker and Nippon Ichi Software are readying a new action role-playing game for the PlayStation 3, with NIS America announcing The Last Rebellion for a Fall 2009 release today.

One look at the first screenshots of the action-meets-turn-based title and you'll likely think "PlayStation... 3?" But that's not a typo! While The Last Rebellion may not impress graphically, perhaps you'll whip up some interest in the game's story, which features a tale of revenge, starring a "dark anti-hero."

After all, according to NIS America, the game is "no ordinary RPG with another mindless battle system."

On the contrary! The Last Rebellion features a Fallout 3-esque combat system, letting players target specific body parts during turn-based battles. Go for the legs to slow down foes. Whack 'em in the arms to weaken their attacks. That kind of stuff.


    Could be good? But I doubt.

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