Now For BioShock, The Novel

Never mind that BioShock was a game that told its story through broken furniture and level design. Book publishers Tor think you can wring a good novel out of it.

Having already made good game-related money with their Halo series, Tor will later this year be releasing a novel based on BioShock, which will "take you deeper into the realms" of the game's story.

With the sequel already looking a little... off, I'm not sure how much further exposition BioShock's universe can take, but I guess we'll find out when we can actually read the book sometime in "Fall 2009".

Take-Two, Tor Team Up For BioShock Novel [Gamasutra]


    I have no problem with books based on computer games. At least with bioshock people won't go 'eewww world of warcraft has books' because it's not that popular :P.

    *crosses fingers that they don't put 'based on the popular video game!' on the cover.

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