Obama Is Latest Butt Of 'President Evil' Joke

The people behind the new Barack Obama joke comic aren't the first ones to smack the image of a U.S. president onto a Resident Evil image.

The new "President Evil" comic book coming this July from Antarctic Press was an inevitability.

The comic features Obama teaming up with political friends and foes to turn back the creeping assault of some "undead presidents." We know this comic was inevitable because Barack Obama is now appearing in all kinds of comics, including those that feature Spider-Man and those that feature him as a barbarian.

And we know it just had to happen because that "President Evil" joke isn't new. If you just thought of it, you're late. It's been done. The gallery below is proof.

So an Obama-in-comics trend converges with an old Resident Evil joke. That collision just had to happen.

We just didn't expect that the comic would feature an homage to Army of Darkness.

Consider us shocked.

Good "Evil" And More In Store This Summer! Official Site For Antarctic Press


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