Ogle Chesty Jake In This Prince Of Persia Movie Footage

Fresh from the weekend's TV comes this first good look at the upcoming Prince of Persia movie in action. Whaddya think?

Regardless of how great/terrible the movie ends up, it's nice seeing somebody go to the trouble of building a ginormous, real set. Just a shame that kind of budgetary excess couldn't extend to putting some clothes on Jake Gyllenhaal.

[via Seanbajuice]


    He's come a long way since Donnie Darko, glad he's making it in the big time now, he deserves it.

    I noticed in quite a few shots hes wearing the signature Price of persia garb, he's not always nakkid. But I mean if that gets more girls to go see the movie, I don't see an issue.

    I just hope they don't make the mistake of advertising the movie as a 'game' adaption.

    All I saw was black.

    My one and only gripe with this movie is that he's too white. I'm not saying recast him but I mean even fake tan or something this whitey.

    I mean its everyone's choice but I like Jake.G I think he's a superb actor, but yeah only gripe is that he doesn't reignite my memory for the sole fact he doesn't resemble the lead other then hair and body.

    I'm still keen on seeing this movie and if they're implementing the time effect. And to what extent.

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