One In Five Japanese People Now Own A Nintendo DS

You may be aware, from hanging around the internet, that Japan loves the Nintendo DS. But it takes a nice little mix of pictures and statistics to really ram the point home.

This chart was released by Nintendo today, and shows the percentage of a market's population that owns a DS. By extension, it also explains succinctly just how bonkers the Japanese population has been for the handheld. I mean, over 20% of the population owning a DS? Crazy. That's one in five Japanese people. Not one in five Japanese gamers. One in five Japanese people.


    This is ridiculous because it doesn't account for those people who upgraded to the lite and dsi. Nintendo are no longer in the business of producing quality software, but now specialize in producing statistics in how much money they've acquired through incremental hardware upgrades. Screw you nintendo get in the kitchen and make me some goddam games

    This is still amazing- even if EVERY person who bought a DS/DSLite upgraded thats 10% of the whole population.
    For the record my household has 5- 4x DSlites and one DSi.
    Do you realise how many people buy the DS without even considering 'games'- those Olivia Newton-John ads are getting ppl nuts for Brain Training (and WiiFit for that matter)
    Having said that I agree we are waiting for more blockbusting Nintendo developed titles.

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