One Week Left Get In To Uncharted Beta, Cheaply

So, pre-ordering inFamous gets you in the Uncharted: Among Thieves multiplayer beta. Don't want to do that? Be a Qore subscriber, or sign up before Friday.

A few readers sent us a note that SCEA sent out recently, congratulating them on signing up for Qore and giving them their multiplayer beta code (which is good on June 3, until June 28.) An e-newsletter sent out to everyone on the PlayStation Network added that this offer would be extended to those who subscribe to Qore before May 15.

The cost of an annual sub is $US24.99. If you're dying for the Uncharted multiplayer but don't want the game, that's cheaper than buying inFamous, o'course. Kotaku AU Note: Unfortunately, this offer only applies to North America. Stay tuned for word on how Sony plans to make the Uncharted beta available to Australia.


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