Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Stealthily Slips To Fall

Amidst a flurry of new screens and one relatively impressive trailer, Codemasters' Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising slips from summer winter 2009 to autumn spring 2009.

The new screenshots and trailer show off the expansive island of Skira, where the action of Dragon Rising Takes place. Had it not been for the date flash at the very end or this paragraph nestled at the very end of the accompanying press release, I would have missed the delay completely.

"Skira makes for an immense and, with the latest visual pass, a magnificent battlefield; we're exceptionally proud of the build so far," said Sion Lenton, Executive Producer, Codemasters. "Creating this vast island, populated by unscripted AI military forces, is no trivial matter and so, to get this absolutely right, we're now investing additional development time. We'll be working right through the summer to deliver all formats this autumn and create the best possible experience that people will want to enjoy again and again."

Such is the price of perfection. After all, Codemasters never delays a game for quality reasons and then has it turn out bad anyway, right?

I particularly like how the trailer ends with "Think You're Ready?" and then goes on to point out that Codemasters isn't.


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