Original Splatterhouse Devs Now Back On The Game

What go around. Come around. Despite Namco Bandai yanking development of Splatterhouse from developers Bottlerocket, the publisher has now hired many of those same developers to finish the game off.

Guess Namco's problem was indeed, as we suggested, with the "upper management" at Bottlerocket, and not the developers themselves.

According to The Cut Scene, Namco Bandai have quietly opened a new studio in San Diego, where "between 10 and 20 designers, artists, programmers, producers, and other staff" from the original team have been hired to complete work on the upcoming remake of the classic 80's NES title. These guys will be helping the publisher's internal Afro Samurai team finish the game ahead of its release later this year.

Bottlerocket devs recruited by Namco to finish Splatterhouse [The Cut Scene]


    Good God the Afro Samurai guys are working on this now? Damn and I thought this was going to be a good game...

    i loved Splatterhouse when it came out eons ago... the 3rd on was cool too... the second one was a big dissapointment but it prob didnt help that it was on the Genesis.... looking forward to the new one though. xxx ;)

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