Paul McCartney's Ex-Wife Vs. Capcom

Heather Mills, the one-legged ex-wife of Paul McCartney, was apparently approached by Capcom to appear in Bionic Commando. Mills, prime UK tabloid fodder, reportedly asked for a six-figure-sum and demanded to be the game's star.

The star of Bionic Commando, that is. Heather Mills. Yeah.

A source tells The Sun, "She was insistent she wouldn't do it for a smaller fee and said the producers should make her the star. The request was way, way over budget and they certainly weren't keen on basing the game on her."

Mills' account of how it went down is quite different. In her official Twitter account, she tweeted,

Got offered to promote an amputee bionic computer game, from a wealthy computer games company I said if you donate a large sum to charity.

The stingy company came back saying they couldn't, what happened to charitable businesses, seems they just want to exploit and give nothing.

It may make sense to take the offer but I'd rather donate regularly to many charities much more than they're offering and not be exploited.

About those claims The Sun has made, Mills quipped, "Connect Sun journalists to a lie detector machine which triggers an electric current attached to their privates."

Capcom has declined to comment about this incident. Heather Mills, it seems, has not.

Greedy Mucca's out of lucka [The Sun via VG247]


    "'It may make sense to take the offer but I’d rather donate regularly to many charities much more than they’re offering and not be exploited."

    Easy to say when it's money you leeched off your famous ex-husband, isn't it...

    yeah shes got the peg leg, she just needs a parrot and a hook hand now.

    I have one leg (no, for serial - check the link [plug-plug]) - can I be in the game? I'm cheap, I'll take a copy of the game as payment :)

    Maybe she could have been your side-kick in the game, and at some point later in the game the two of you become separated and she takes half of your health and ammo...

    Kotaku, we've had our ups and downs, but thankyou for bringing me the most hilarious story that has ever existed.

    I know in my heart it can't be true, but I want it to be so badly.

    Also I nominate Greenman for comment of the wee-... year.

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