Pay-Per-"P" Pricing Confounds On Xbox 360 Video Marketplace

You'll never forget how much some 720p videos cost on the Xbox 360 Marketplace.

Fans of the fighting arts may be wondering, like me, why some videos on the Xbox 360 Marketplace are so expensive. They have easy-to-remember price points, but those price points are high.

Want to watch an hour of Ring of Honor pro wrestling, brought to you by HD Net? The official listing shows that that will cost you 480 Microsoft points for standard definition, 720 points in high definition.

The same prices are listed for hour-long episodes of MMA series M-1 Challenge.

Don't those prices look like the resolutions of those videos to you? You know, 480p and 720p. Instead, they represent $US6 for SD consumers and $US9 for HD consumers. ROH wresting is pretty good, but good enough to command that price?

By comparison, episodes of ABC's Lost and NBC's The Office run 160 and 240 points for SD and HD. That's $US2 and $US3.

We're trying to find out if this is intentional or a slip. Representatives for HD Net and Microsoft were unable to comment by press time, but we'll let you know what we find out.


    And they continue to wonder why everybody is downloading via Torrents and Usenet lol

    Uhhhh...No DRM, free, quick and easy, not supporting highway robbery.......Take your pick.

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