PC Broken Steel Error Is A Games For Windows Live Problem

The Broken Steel update for the PC version of Fallout 3 has been taken down for repair. Bethesda explains why.

As we reported previously, PC users who downloaded the Broken Steel downloadable content via Games for Windows Live this morning were treated to a "cryptographic message is not formatted correctly" error. We contacted Bethesda's Pete Hines, who explained that the error is related to Games for Windows Live.

We're seeing the same error folks have reported, which is a Games for Windows Live DRM install error. Microsoft is working on fixing it, and we'll let everyone know once we've verified it.

Hopefully this won't take too long to fix. In the meantime, Xbox 360 users seem to be doing just fine, so the PC players who laughed at the Xbox 360 issues with the Pitt downloadable content are now getting a healthy dose of karmic retribution.


    I was at a friends house when he was trying to buy it and Microsoft were asking -2,000,000,000 Microsoft points for it.

      I got exactly the same message. I was hoping the deduction of over 2 billion MS points would leave me with a windfall of points to spend on games and films for several millenia.

    I can't believe this shit... They polish it for the console users... PC gamers should be the first ones in line for anything, consoles came second, and should stay second. PC is where the real power is.

      Hahaha! Thats what you get for being an ignorant fanboy!

    Well GOD, then do something about it

    I understand that due to the exclusivity war between MS and Sony, a lot of games will only appear on the PC if they can be tethered to this abysmal game service... but that doesn't make it right and it sure as hell doesn't make GFWL any good.

    I for one am pissed that they aren't telling us whats going on we have Thousands of people logging on every hour to see if it has been put back up... I understand that it would be better to take it down now rather then wait for a patch. But its unacceptable that they didn't test the downloads. Microsoft is Going to have alot off trouble dealing with the people that paid for the broken version and it serves them right.

    Microsoft your pushing me, you promise so much and only deliver about 10% of what you plan.

    Start paying attention.

    "What would happen if you took Quake 3 Arena, UT, a few Martians, some weird robots and gadgets, threw them in a blender and pressed the button? You'd have Alien Arena, that's what!"

    Free to play indefinitely.

    Dl here:

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