Photorealism Is "Inevitable" In 10-15 Years

Epic Games, the folks behind Gears of War, know a lot about how games are made now. So there's a good chance Epic has a good handle on the future.

The company's Unreal Engine 3 powers a good chunk of this generation's titles. The ensuing generations are likely to have photorealism — and Epic's Tim Sweeney thinks that'll be de facto in 10 to 15 years.

"We're only about a factor of a thousand off from achieving all that in real-time without sacrifices," says Sweeney. "So we'll certainly see that happen in our lifetimes; it's just a result of Moore's Law. Probably 10-15 years for that stuff, which isn't far at all."

Over at industry site Gamasutra, Sweeney goes into great detail about graphic realism and reproducing the nuances of human behaviour.

From The Past To The Future: Tim Sweeney Talks [Gamasutra via [Eurogamer][Pic]


    I love my games, I'm a heavy enthusiast of gaming for sure.

    But I don't know if I could play a GTA for instance where everything was photorealistic. I know it's inevitable and my kids and their kids won't find it as offensive or confronting, but it's a scary thought. Right now, games being stylised etc, I don't believe they can promote any violence but if they were 100% convincing in how they looked? That brings a whole new ballgame to the park.

      Not to mention a slew of Jack Thompson/Michael Atkinson arguments. And this time around we can't easily deny the video games aren't killing simulators.

    @Weresmurf: I totally agree with you, when games become photorealistic, they will really be scary...GTA is a good will kill people and be shocked o.o

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