Pinball Expo In Sydney This Weekend

Pinball Expo In Sydney This Weekend

pinballfx_screenshot27Like pinball? You should pop along to “Australia’s 1st Annual Pinball Expo” running all this weekend in Sydney’s inner west.

There are pinball auctions, pinball competitions and of course plenty of pinball tables to play.

As reader Nick who alerted me to the expo says, “The key thing for kotaku readers, I would guess, is the fact that your $5 entry buys you free play on all the machines they’ll have set up. Also, if you want to buy a machine or other arcade parts or gear, there’ll be plenty of sellers.”

Five bucks to play pinball all day? That sounds pretty awesome.

Where: Petersham Town Hall When: Saturday May 16 – Sunday May 17

Check out the expo’s official site for more info and a full list of all the tables on display.

So tell me, what’s your favourite pinball machine?

Pinball Expo [official site, thanks Nick!]


  • My favourite pinball machine is the Addams Family machine, which was a movie tie-in with the 1992 film starring Raul Julia. Did you know that that pinball machine was the most successful ever made? It smashed pinball records after more than 20,000 of the machines were made.

    ALSO, Sylvester Stallone and Arnie held an informal competition to see who could get their faces onto the most pinball machines. Arnie won. If you attend the expo on Saturday, you will see why.

  • Without doubt my favourate ’80’s machine was William’s FLASH. The speed and that haunting hum made it awesome for it’s period.

    Sure there are the classics and the modern high tech machines, but FLASH is the one that really impressed me and stick out above all the others.

    • Wish I’d seen this earlier. And I still lived in Sydney 🙁

      Flash was my favourite for a while until Stellar Wars and then Firepower ( came along. Williams made awesome games back in the day.

      And on the off chance that someone’s still reading this, if you like playing pinball check out the pinball emulators which, while they’re not quite a good as the real thing, are a far better experience than you probably think they would be. Most of the old tables have been remade and don’t seem to suffer the same legality issues that other emulators such as MAME do as most of the tables are recreations, not just a ROM dump (not even in most cases).

      Visual Pinball ( hasn’t been updated for a couple of years but still works fine – I run it under XP, not sure how it goes with Vista or 7. Last time I checked (about a year ago) had more tables available.

      Future Pinball ( uses a 3D engine and tends to look better but last time I checked (about a year ago) VP had more tables available than FP. Again, not sure on post-XP compatibility.

      If you loved your pinballs, you gotta check these out, you’ll be surprised how good they are!

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