Piston Honda Returns To Punch-Out!!, Mostly Intact

The latest classic boxer to return to the Wii version of Punch-Out!! will be Tokyo, Japan born and bred Piston Honda. Or at least a close approximation of Piston, as Nintendo has changed his name.

The return of the Japanese pugilist, who first (and last) appeared in the NES version of Punch-Out!! comes with a slight concession. Nintendo has changed his family name from Honda to Hondo. When we asked Nintendo earlier this week about the change, it opted not to comment on the grounds that the character hadn't yet been officially announced.

Now that he has, we've asked again. Our best guess is that, despite Honda being a not uncommon family name, Nintendo didn't want to step on the copyright established by the car maker of the same name. Which seems like a wise thing to do.


    I would have preferred that he retained his original name, but I can understand why they couldn't. It probably would've been prohibitively expensive to pay for the right to use it.

    I'm not mad at Nintendo, they did their best to preserve the characters name. I mean they only changed one measly letter.

    Can't wait for this it's gonna be sweet.

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