Play Internet Guessing Games With Capcom

Hey! It's more drip fed PR. This time, it's Capcom's turn to tease and tantalise its E3 new game announcement with the help of Twitter. Let's look at the clues, via website Cubed3:

Capcom fact # 1: It's NOT Devil May Cry 5 Capcom fact # 2: It's an action game Capcom fact # 3: It's from an established Capcom franchise Capcom fact # 4: It's not a remake Capcom fact # 5: It's being developed by Capcom Japan

Is it Devil May Cry 5? DOH. Then our second game is Onimusha. If you enjoy guessing games, here's Capcom Unity's Twitter page. If you enjoy hamburgers, here is IN-N-OUT.

Capcom: Mystery E3 Game isn't DMC5 [Cubed3 via VG247]


    Isn't it obvious by now that it's a new HD Viewtiful Joe?

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