PlayStation Famitsu Magazine Offers Few Kojima Production Hints

And the carrot-roping continues! The new issue of Famitsu's PlayStation imprint hints at the upcoming game announcement from Kojima Productions.

The text reads, "The latest work from Metal Gear franchise maker Kojima Productions approaches." But what is that latest work? Metal Gear Solid 5 or Zone of the Enders 3?

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Thanks Michael for the tip!


    maybe that metal gear existence is metal gear the essential collection volume 2 or something like that for ps3, i would buy it 4 sho.

    Damn guys, that's one HUGE "NON STORY!"

    I haven't felt this excited since... well... actually I'm not excited. Let's wait and get some real info?

    Btw whatever happened to that damned company that made the Phantom console... there's another non story for ya!

    This is somewhat offtopic, but I wish Kojima would write a remake of MG1 + MG2. The two games could be combined into one story (much as Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater were), I think the fans who jumped on board with MGS really should have a chance to see Snake's first mission, considering we've witnessed his last.

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