Pokémon Remakes Take Gold, Silver?

Adding it all together, a teaser by Japan's Pokémon Sunday TV program points to an announcement next weekend that Pokémon Gold and Silver will be remade.

The tease, offered this weekend, said simply that Pokémon Sunday would have a "world-exclusive first announcement," on May 10 during the program's Pokémon Game Arena segment.

Oh, but there's what you say, and then there's how you say it. Or, more importantly, where you say it. In this case, it was said underneath two gold and silver confetti-filled balls. (depicted). Hmmmmmm. HMMMMMMMM. What could that mean?

From Bulbanews: "It is also theorised that Junichi Masuda will appear on the show to make the announcement, since he did so both last month and the month prior in regard to other game-related scoops."

Major Pokémon Game to be Announced this Month [Bulbanews, thanks to numerous tipsters. Your weekend editor-mans is old and not that hip to Pokénews.]


    For some strange reason, I really don't like the idea of remaking gold and silver. I think it's because (in my opinion) a game that should remain classic. I mean, what's the point? Okay, the storyline, but, they've already released the other johto pokemon (excluding the starters) legally in other games, and for some odd reason I think it's stupid to do that. It was an awesome game, but for us on the lower class, we don't want to buy a new device (ds)! I mean, now the johto pokemon aren't gonna be so rare anymore, and all the little kids of the newer generations are thinking they're living our past. I think that's what nintendo's trying to do (other than make money). But you'll never let those kids know our oldschool experiences, nintendo!!!

    Well... that may have been rather critical, but... does anyone else agree with me?

    I kind of agree with you. Remaking Gold and Silver in this day and age just seems ultimately redundant. If they just made it possible to play the games on the DS in the first place and have them able to be traded into the later gen games, it wouldn't even need to be considered. The reason the game was loved in the first place, in my opinion was that not only did it bring completely new things into the series, it also remained simple yet interesting. Remaking it does not brig anything new to the table and as it will most likely bring in the new Pokemon it will not be keeping things simple.

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