Portable Size-Off: How The PSP Go Measures Up

The new PSP Go, leaked just before E3 thanks to the June issue of Sony's own Qore, is a tiny little thing. Bigger than an iPhone—but not by much—and slimmer than the original PSP.

When placed side-by-side against some of the current portable gaming competition, the PSP Go illustrates just how different it is from its peers and predecessor. The screen ratio looks slightly off from the one that ships with the older PSP model, in addition to being smaller in size—3.8 inches versus the PSP-3000's diagonal size of 4.3 inches.

Whether that means game displays will be stretched (I hope not) or letterboxed remains to be seen.

The PSP Go is also pretty efficient on overall hardware footprint. The LCD screen is 0.3 inches larger than the iPhone, but thanks to the slide-out controls, doesn't have nearly the same amount of extra plastic flanking each side.

The removal of some of the PSP's original buttons (display, sound, volume) go a long way to keeping the look more efficient than earlier models.

Versus the Nintendo DSi and DS Lite, however, we see just how much smaller the device is in its open position compared to its dual-screen competition. Screen-wise, the DSi and PSP Go are closer than ever, as the former got a quarter-inch boost over the DS Lite's screen, with the Go shaving off a half-inch.

Weight-wise, the PSP Go sounds pretty light—approximately 3.8 ounces, if the 43% lighter than the PSP-3000 figure (and our math) is accurate. That makes it lighter than the iPhone (4.7 ounces) and Nintendo DSi (7.5 ounces).

Keep in mind that these PSP Go figures aren't official, so things may be slightly off. But if you need to budget pocket space for the Fall, it might be handy.


    Hmmm, wonder if Sony will mention anything about how to transfer your existing UMD game library to the new model. I'll most likely pick one up if i can grab ISO's for my existing software library.

    ill stick my old PSP-1000 launch model thanks

    It's cool that they're bringing out a new psp and all.. but jesus, that thing is ugly as sin... Though, i'd say that wouldn't be the final version....
    Would it?...

    Hmm..PSP NO GO for me due to the following reason:
    1. No UMD
    2. Average game will be 1GB download/which cost me download bandwidth eg.. ($4/GB)
    2. Will the game downloaded from PSN cost the same as the retail shop?
    4. I want to be able to sell the game once I've finished. So PSP is a no GO
    Sony strategy is to stop this 2nd hand game practice by going this direction, no thanks.
    5. Say I've used up all the 16GB of data on the PSP and i don't want to get another M2 memory card, is there an option for me to transfer those game to PC to free up memory.

    @ Kevin - "Average game will be 1GB download"

    What's the bet that Sony would set up kiosks in game shops where you could download?

    I have no sympathy for perpetuators of the second hand games market.

    As far as the limitations of the 16 gig stick go, i wouldnt be to concerned. You can stored all your titles on your PS3 (and presumably some kinf of PC storage will be made availible). So you can just swap out what your playing.

    When I heard Sony was making a new PSP, i was very excited! Then I saw it for the first time. The design of the system looked bad, but if that was the worst part i could get over it. But as we all know things got worse.

    A smaller screen, with no touch screen, no second analog stick. Is it me, with just those three things, I could tell this was a bad idea. Then you top it off with the No UMD, pre-installed 16 gig memory because you have to download all your games now.

    Then there is the $250 prices tag. Why would anyone pay more for less. Yes you have the pre-installed memory, and the retarded "sence me" (which could be something you can download from the online store) Feature, but you lost so much more.

    At this point it too late, but this system will fail. I know representives in store like Gameswap and Game Stop and Game crazy where they are telling people not to buy the system. This system will kill the biggest support the game industies have.

    Someone here says he wants to get his 11% screen back. Well, the Go's screen size is 11% smaller on the diagonal, but the screen AREA (which is more relevant) is 22% smaller (do the math), which is significant.

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