Prison Break Star Wants To Be In BioShock Movie Real Bad

Universal have put the planned BioShock movie on hold, citing difficulties with the film's ever-expanding budget. But don't you dare tell dreamboat actor Wentworth Miller that!

He seems to think the movie is still all stations go, posting on his Twitter account "Prison Break may be ending, but I've got things in the works. Hint... one word: Bioshock."

While the movie is stalled in pre-production, that doesn't mean the team aren't looking at actors. Will they have already hired him? Doubtful, but he's obviously been speaking with somebody involved with the flick.

Wonder if he's already running around his house, in his jammies, shouting "BBZZZZZ" at the postman as he pretends to shoot bees out of his arms...

'Prison Break' Star Teases Appearance In 'BioShock' Film [G4]


    Wentworth Miller is awesome.

    Massive Prison Break Fan. Massive Bioshock Fan.

    Him in BioShock would be just amazing.

    Hopefully they get the story right, and directed well.

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