Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box Coming Stateside?

Thanks, Lisa Kudrow. Your selfless shilling of Nintendo's DS puzzler Professor Layton and the Curious Village may have guaranteed the American appearance of the sequel. is listing the second game for an August release.

The online retailer is showing Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box as arriving on these shores on August 24th. Call that unconfirmed, because Nintendo of America has yet to announce the game for a release, let alone dating the thing. But Amazon's listing notes the next Layton title will have "tons of in-game puzzles of different types and difficulties" and "three times the voiced dialogue and movies of its predecessor," which would seem like they know what they're talking about.

The Japanese version, known as Layton Kyouju to Akuma no Hako, shipped in November of 2007 to solid sales. A third game in the series, Layton Kyouju to Saigo no Jikan Ryokou, was released for the Nintendo DS in Japan late last year.

If Amazon's listing is accurate, that's good news for fans of the series.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box [Amazon via GoNintendo]


    @Zambini: So that's what Paris Hilton's been up to recently..


    That's a guy looking down in the picture. I think his name's Anthony or something. He's supposed to be an immortal vampire. :D

    Oops... I mean... spoilers. >__> <__<

    Oh wow! Can't wait at all XD agust 24 doesn't seem as bad as not knowing haha! Monterary express!

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