PS3 Software Sales Spiked Almost 80 Percent

Sony's PS3 hardware sales experienced a bump during the 2008 financial year. How about game sales? Last year wasn't a pretty good year for PS3 game sales worldwide. It was a damn good year.

The company released its 2008 financial report with software sales data for all three of its gaming platforms: PS2, PSP and the PS3. During the fiscal year, 50.3 million PSP games were sold, which is a decrease of 5.2 million compared to the previous year. PS2 games suffered a bigger drop: 83.5 million units were sold, which is a decrease of 70.5 million games sold. That's a nearly a 46 percent drop!

PS3 sales were brisk and strong. During the fiscal year, 103.7 million PS3 games were sold. That's an increase of 45.8 million (almost 80 percent!) compared to the previous year.

For the next fiscal year, Sony is projecting worldwide game sales to reach 240 million units across all platforms.


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