PS3 "Soul Breeding" Game Gets Suggestive Pillow Case

In two days, the sequel to "soul breeding" game Record of Agarest War ZERO is released in Japan. Let the merchandising begin!

Priced at ¥12,600 (US$133), this is a lycra Record of Agarest War ZERO "hug pillow" cover. Huge pillow covers are nothing new for anime or manga characters, but are largely lacking for PS3 games.

The game itself has a "Soul Breed" system in which players must capture the heart of the game's heroines so that they can create their successor. When this happens, there is a "special" movie that's shown. Afterwards the new successor is revealed and his stats are even based on the heroine you select for breeding.

The sequel is set a thousand years before the previous title. As with the previous title, there's an in-game DNA mechanism. The "Soul Blend System" mixes character trends and features when producing off-spring. So a pillow case cover for "soul breeding" game. Subtle. Fitting. Creepy?

アガレスト戦記ZERO アリス抱き枕カバー [Red Store via my game news flash]


    .... i want this nao ...
    time to import?

    This game sounds pretty messed up.

    No, I doubt you'd understand much of anything.

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