PS3 Vidzone Launches In Australia Next Month

PS3 Vidzone Launches In Australia Next Month

Sony has announced that the PS3’s Vidzone service will launch in Australia in June.

What’s Vidzone? Free, streaming music videos, that’s what.

In June, you’ll be able to download Vidzone from the PlayStation Store, adding the app to the music section of the XMB. From here, you’ll be able to search through around 10,000 clips from a range of artists (not just Sony-BMG), create and save playlists, and watch “your favourite” music videos whenever you want. For free.

How is Sony offering this for free? It’s ad-supported, that’s now.

The Vidzone interface will feature advertising, albeit in a fairly small and unobtrusive way. Also, ads will appear every handful of songs when you’ve queued up a whole bunch of clips.

And that’s pretty much how it works.

Got any questions about Vidzone? Leave them in the comments and I’ll put them to Sony today.


  • Well unless Sony and ISPs wrangle some deal (akin to what MS has with XBL) so that any bandwidth over the Sony network doesn’t count towards Bandwidth quotas that are the norm in Oz, I don’t see this being used excessively.

    Still it’s nice to see some reason to use the PS3 (beyond a games machine) on more than whatever the hell Home was supposed to be.

    But is this going to translate across to the PSP as well?

    • yes you will be able to watch vidzone on the psp. this was featured at Leipzig last year. I have actually still got the trailer that they showed 😉

      I was only thinking about this last week, wondering when the heck it would launch or whether it would get delayed like home or just purely forgotten about.
      while not on the same subject, could you ask about eyepet? this was also featured at Leipzig last year and my daughter keeps pestering me about it.

      • @brad

        Re: EyePet. Sony showed snippets of it during a video presentation last night. Aside from making it clear it’s part of their ’09 plans, no further info was revealed though.

  • VidZone, sounds like a nice addition, but seriously who cares about this when we still don’t have PlayTV. Sony said that would come out months ago & still no sign of it.
    A much more useful feature than VidZone.

  • Meh. I don’t watch TV because it has annoying ads. Same reason I wouldn’t use this service, ads are for chumps. I’d rather pay a very small fee to download something I want AD free than be forced to waste my time looking at ads.

  • Love the idea. Many a happy drunk night in I have had with a laptop hooked up to the tv with youtube going from song to song.


    Where the f**k is PlayTV? I know the tv channels in oz have been dicking around and only just getting their act together but come on some sort of update on release date would be appreciated.

    Sony are you listening?

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