Rapstar Announced, Is Like SingStar But, Well...

4mm Games - the new studio formed by the two of the guys who founded Rockstar - have announced their debut game. And it's called Def Jam Rapstar, a hip-hop karaoke game.

As is par for the course with these stupid pre-E3 announcements, there's not much else being announced aside from the game itself. No platforms, no mechanics, no peripheral info, no tracklist, nothing.

About the only useful thing we can pick up is that, despite the game carrying the Def Jam name, the included songs won't be restricted to just Def Jam's catalogue.

Which gives anyone else dreaming of a good old-fashioned Wu-Tang singalong hope! You can catch the surprisingly enjoyable trailer below.

Def Jam Rapstar Announced [IGN]


    Assuming this works anything like Singstar (which it will... durr), I'm mighty intrigued - looks kinda cool :)

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