Raving Rabbids Leave Obama Pantsless In New Trailer

The newest trailer for Ubisoft's Rayman-free Wii exclusive Rabbids Go Home features a brief cameo by what appears to be President Barack Obama and Barack Obama's man panties. Oh, it's zany alright.

The newest trailer for Rabbids Go Home explains what the upcoming Wii game is all about: collecting anything and everything the bucktoothed rabbit beasts can get their nubby paws on, then building a pile that reaches the moon. It's not unlike a Rabbid-laden Katamari Damacy, with the charm removed.

We've played the thing, but can't quite talk about it yet, other than what you can see in the video below. It's all pre-rendered stuff, but should give you a good enough idea what Rabbids Go Home will look, sound and smell like.


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