Red Orchestra 2 Lets You Play As The Nazis

There's long been a complaint that, aside from a select few strategy titles, gamers are never given the chance to play as the Germans in a Second World War game. For better or worse.

But the upcoming sequel to Red Orchestra - Heroes of Stalingrad - will let you do just that. Developers Tripwire say that this is the "first time ever in a first-person shooter" that you'll be allowed to play as the Germans, as the game will feature an entire singleplayer campaign focusing on the Axis side of the famous battle.

You'll also play as the Russians, but then, we've done that before. But the Nazis? I certainly can't remember an FPS where you were a fully paid-up member of the Wehrmacht, so it'll be interesting to see how Tripwire go about handling the whole thing.

Hopefully it's a little something like this trailer from my favourite war movie of all time, which is worth watching not just because it shows you can represent the Germans with a little taste, but also because the trailer is narrated by Optimus Prime.


    I've thought about this before and it is a slightly glaring omission, albeit an understandable one. Nothing like letting you play as a Nazi to band together the anti-gaming loudmouths. Saying that, there is a difference between the WW2 German Army and the National Socialists.

    Aside from in games like BF1942, of course. But those weren't singleplayer games as such...

    I've often wondered if someone would one day make a FPS where you play as a German soldier. After all, not all their troops were flag-waving nazis, many were from countries conquered by the Germans, or otherwise coerced or forced into fighting.

    It could certainly lead to some interesting moral choices. If they bothered treating it in a mature, adult fashion of course...

    Wat, how about wolfenstein, Dod, Dod:s, cod 2. This is not the first time ever in an fps where you can play as nazi germany, sure probably the first with a campaign. But not the first to play as them.

    F the controversy, it's the Second coming of RED ORCHESTRA!!!!

    "I certainly can’t remember an FPS where you were a fully paid-up member of the Wehrmacht..."

    The only 3 FPS's I've played with nazis in them allow you to play as nazis...

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