Red Steel 2, Yes, Multiplayer, No

Having first been teased on the magazine's website, the issues of Nintendo Power blowing the lid off Red Steel 2 have begun hitting mailboxes. So what's inside?

Not much! Most notable of the limited news on-hand is that the game won't feature any multiplayer, with the developers choosing to focus on getting the singleplayer experience juuuuust right. Veterans of the first game's multiplayer will no doubt see this as a good thing.

As for the other stuff, the game will let you level up your character, there are a number of hub worlds with missions branching off, and missions can be re-attempted once you get bigger guns or new abilities.

Red Steel 2 - more details reveal some controls, non-linear gameplay, and explanation for lack of multiplayer [Go Nintendo]


    That fuckign sucks. I want multiplayer.

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