Report: PS3 Slim Is Real, Won't Be At E3

Don't expect the PS3 Slim at E3! According to website Ars Technica, it won't be there.

A "very well-informed mole" says that there won't be a PS3 Slim announcement next week at E3, and that the console won't be in stores until late summer or early fall. Why? "There are plenty of PS3 systems sitting on store shelves right now," writes Ars Technica, "and Sony is planning on sitting back and allowing the supply of those units to dry up over the summer."

A cease and desist was sent to Kotaku from Taiwanese attorneys after we posted apparent pics of the rumoured PS3 Slim.

Don't expect a PS3 price cut, Ars Technica adds, but it is still a possibility. This echoes what Crecente said on the Bonus Round about price cuts — that Sony will want to save a price drop for a big announcement at this year's Tokyo Game Show. It seems to make better sense timing-wise, being close to the holidays. An early summer price drop announcement could paralyse console sales if the price drop did not immediately go into effect.

Mole: PSP-Go details confirmed, smaller PS3 is on the way [Ars Technica via Gizmodo]


    Looks like I'll hold off buying a ps3 for now then. Not really in a big hurry to pick one up anyway.

    The higher ups of sony are mighty pissed off right now that's for sure.

    All this rumour and speculation over a slim console, and price drops, is probably detouring a lot of people from a purchase, which is unfortunate.

    This is high time to get a ps3, I was 1 waiting specifically for mgs4. There is so much however right now and in the pipeline.

    Heavy Rain, GOW3, home is actually starting to be good, vidzone, playtv, infamous, uncharted 2, MAG. The PSN overall is just growing and growing, with a great community backing up the software coming.

    who cares about how big the console is? it sits on a shelf. being smaller doesnt do anything to the ps3 gaming experience. people want a price cut, not a size cut. sony are shooting themselves in the foot. PRICE DROP NEEDED

      That's the idea of a smaller unit. It would be cheaper to manufacture.

    "A cease and desist was sent to Kotaku from Taiwanese attorneys after we posted apparent pics of the rumoured PS3 Slim."


    Well I just bought a regular PS3, I honestly wouldn't be interested in a PS3 slim after the apparent failure rate of the initial slim PS2's. Plus I have no problem with a big bulky box, need something to show for all that cash :D

    Umm.... Morons...? I thought we were in a recession, just release the ps3 slim and half the price of ps3 fat.... did these guys get an education.... and also why is a factory mass producing these if its not being released soon? and also wouldnt the company want to release PSPGO and PS3 SLim Together?
    AND guys just cause its smaller doesnt mean it doesnt have a hardisk, 2.5s are getting alot faster and would be a logical choice to reduce size and power consumption.

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