Richard Garriott Suing NCsoft For $24,000,000

Late last year, Ultima creator Richard Garriott split from NCsoft, the developers and publishers behind his latest game, Tabula Rasa. Sounds like the split wasn't exactly amicable.

While at the time it sounded like Garriott had - fresh from his trip into space - simply walked away for a new challenge outside of games development, court documents have surfaced today showing that Garriott is suing NCsoft for a whopping $US24 million.

The suit was filed in the Texas Western District Court earlier today, with Garriott, the plaintiff, accusing NCsoft of fraud. We've contacted both NCsoft and the court for further information, and will update when we hear more.


    Wantr an idoit.. I'm wanting to see how this pans out... God.

      "wantr an idoit". you're in no position to call anyone an idiot when you're smashing your face on the keyboard to type. dur.

    Why is he an idiot? He might have very good reason to sue.

    Looks like his "life-changing" trip into space has worn off

    What about his brother Robert's stock options? Did Robert leave voluntarily, or does the fact that he was on NcSoft's Board of Directors make a difference?

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