Robots We Love: Chrono Trigger's Robo

Chrono Trigger is a great game with a great robot. Yes, that's right, Robo!

Knocked out of commission in 1999 and brought back to life in 2300, the existentialist 'bot faces some tough moral choices in the game — way before moral choices were in vogue.

And if that wasn't enough, Robo will Rick Roll (Robo Roll?) you with his theme song. You cannot unhear this.


    I love robo. He's always in my party. Even though he can't use "traditional" magic he still manages to wallop anyone. He can heal and kick ass (Not like stupid Marle).

    One of the most underrated, but important things in CT is how every character has their own unique theme that sticks in your head. Frog's is a favourite of mine.

    I just wish Square Enix would release more of their older games to poor Australia. It's absurd we only JUST got CT released legally.

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